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Reed Diffusers

Our scented candles are a great way to bring wonderful fragrance to a room, but they are not always the ideal choice. Candles cannot be left burning unattended, can pose a danger to pets and children, and can also pose a fire hazard. Many office buildings, hotels, and nursing homes do not allow them.

If you want to add scent to a room, you can only use candles for a limited time. When you leave the room, you need to extinguish your candle. This means that when you return to the room, your favorite fragrance will not be there to greet you. You will need to relight the scented candle to enjoy the fragrance again.

In situations where candles are just not possible, our reed diffusers are a wonderful alternative.

The diffusers are very simple to use. Simply place the diffuser reeds in the oil and once the reeds are coated well with the oil, simply turn them upside down in the container, so that the coated part of the reed is exposed to the air. The reeds will diffuse scent through an entire room for months. You can periodically re-coat the reeds for a more prominent fragrance.

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